Imperial Beigh Family Of Kashmir.

Rajesh Dalta
The consanguinity of military mind and triumph, the Beigh Family who has bored some of the prominent figures in Shia Society of Kashmir namely Mirza Mehdi Beigh, Mirza Sakhi Wilayat Beigh, Mirza Ishaq Beigh and Mirza Manzoor Hussain Beigh trace back their heredity to Mirza Safdar Beigh of Sonwar Town nowadays civil lines, in upper town of Srinagar City. Mirza Safdar Beigh who was care taker of Sonwar Shrine of Syed Yaqoub migrated from his hometown Sonwar to daulat abad, in the era of freedom struggle before Indian Independence, with his lone son Mehdi Beigh. Himself Mehdi was married and had four children Sakhi Wilayat beigh being the elder, Showkat Ali being young, Ishaq beigh being younger and only sister Mariyam mehdi being youngest. Safdar Beigh was prominent himself as he had good command over jinns. Safdar Beigh acquired three story villa on the bank of Dal lake at Doulat Abad, just 3 km from his native town. The house facing its facade towards Dal Lake, which earlier was an asset of Khatai's before Safdar Beigh purchased it for 2400 rs then. They were only couple of years Safdar Beigh survived in Beigh Bhawan at Doulat Abad.
Mirza Mehdi Beigh who was known for writing Kashmiri Nauhas had formerly written many popular nauhas of Kashmir such as"Ye chu Zuljanaye Syede Shohda" ; "Wawiyla sadh wawiyla, ye chu zulme karbala" ; "Wa Mohammada gow shaheed Hussein" ; "Ae gul e gulzar ali akbaram". Not only written but he used to recite them as well. This legacy was carried on by his elder son Mirza Abdul Ghani Beigh who wrote number of known nauhas and chanted them as well. Later Mirza Ishaq Beigh who is also known as Ghulam Nabi Beigh chanted his family Nauhas in Grand Ashura Processions of Kashmir, thus became noted and gained fame and popularity. Abdul Ghani Beigh's son Manzoor Hussain Beigh also became part of family legacy in 1980's and is still contributing towards literature of Shia Society. Manzoor Hussain beigh is one of most greatly admired Kashmir elegies writer since 1980s. Manzoor Hussain is himself writing nauhas and chanting them as well. Nowadays Beigh family's 3rd and 4th generation writers and chanters are keeping family legacy vibrant. Mirza Ishaq's elder son Mirza Aijaz and Manzoor Hussain himself and his lone son Mirza Sharafat hussain Beigh is chanting family nauhas.
With time family sold their shares of property to their kins and Ancestral Beigh Bhawan which in itself is heritage at Doulat Abad fell into the hands of Sunni Muslims when Nazir Ahmad Beigh sold his share to a intruder.
Mirza Mehdi Beigh died in 21 december 1978 at Beigh Bhawan, Mirza Abdul Ghani Beigh died in 1988 who left thousands of fans lamenting, resting within shoulders of his father, buried at Baba Mazaar Zadibal. Mirza Ishaq Beigh is residing at Arampora Botakadal, Manzoor Hussain Beigh and his son Mirza Sharafat is in possession of Walls of Warmth in outskirts of old city, which is considered center of elegies for shia muslims in Kashmir.
Beigh Family members have been staunch followers of Molvi Iftikhar Hussain Ansari. Mirza Beigh family is authorized since centuries to recite and write elegies for grand Muharram processions in Kashmir. The central contingent of Ashura procession in capital Srinagar is zuljanah contingent, within the said contingent only beigh family members have exclusive privilege to recite elegies, which are their own composed. 
Though family is also admired by other factions of Shiites in Kashmir, hence members of family duly authorized for elegies recitation and writing, recite elegies with both Processions, whether procession belongs to Molvi Iftikhar Hussain Ansari or not.

5 The Black Leaked Edition From India: Imperial Beigh Family Of Kashmir. Rajesh Dalta The consanguinity of military mind and triumph, the Beigh Family who has bored some of the prominent figures in Shia Society ...
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