Wahhabis The Modern Comrades of Yazeediat

Shia Community Can Extinct Soon If Genocide Continues. Oppression Came From Ummayyads And Still Continues.


As 250 year old Wahhabi's claim righteousness is the big mistake they make usually these days۔ As this radical ideology was preached by any Sunni jurist Ahmad Ibn Hanbal and later it was revised by salafists. However Tehran Times on the basis of reliable sources impresses that Wahhabism is an offspring of British Colonialists to create disunity among various muslims sects, as Wahhabis claim the only right sect of Muslims is Wahhabi Sect.The sect was openly founded by Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab before couple of centuries and Muhammad bin Saud was first to choose wahhabism for hius tribe and helped  Al wahhab to propogate wahhabism in Arabia and wahhabis proliferated around arabia.
Wahhabism is the religion that no doubt may have established soberly but it was propagated and processed forcefully. A non secular ideological movement of Wahhabism has demolished the Sacred Shrines of Jannat ul Baqi decades before. Highly funded by Saudi State Wahhabism has reached to every corner of World. India being a secular country has given a huge space to Wahhabi movement, criticizing Imam Hussein Ibn Ali's martyrdom some 1400 years ago. Hussein ibn Ali who was grandson of Last Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was martyred when he refused to give allegiance or his hand in the hands of Yazeed ibn Muawiya (cuh). He did not martyred only Hussein Ibn Ali but his six month old son Ali Asghar and Ali Akbar also. 
250 year old Wahhabi concept always strife with Ghadeer Khum based Shi'ite Islam. Netizens report that most of the videos showing beheading consist of massacres happening to Shi'ite Mislims. As Wahhabi consider the whole world except them infidel which is the most big mistake they make. Wahhabi conceptual movement which is solely funded by Saudi Arab which is creating chaos among various sects of Muslims and call various sayings of  Prophet Mohammad weak as they can cause harmful effect on their modern propagation. 

  Prejudice Aftermath

Taking a view on historical prejudice it explains briefly but explicitly When Rashudin Caliphate came to an end immediately on the assassination of  Prophet Mohammad's consanguineous cousin brother Imam Ali Murtaza or sometimes known as Hyder  e Qaraar, his son Hassan Mujtaba was legally to come next on the throne but Ali already fought three battles with Muawiya I and others including one of the wife of Prophet Muhammad pbuh 'Aisha'. The wars between Ali and Muawiya has created lot of prejudice in the heart of Muawiya I. After Ali was assassinated during prostration, it was his son Hassan Mujtaba  who was from the blood of Prophet Muhammad and was infallible to take the throne of Prophet Muhammad. But Muawiya was at same time blowing wrath, of his prejudice. How could he see sitting the son of Ali on the throne. He created Turmoil and in turn Hassan Mujtaba was in the favor of people and wanted serenity in the fields of desert. Peace treaty was only an option for divine Imam Hassan Mujtaba. Muawiya took the throne and had no right to make any one successor. Unfortunately his son Yazid I  his son came to power after him(Muawiya) breaking down all condition of Peace Treaty. Yazid I was openly performing shameful acts which every one at the time were performing but behind the curtains except the inflatables. 
Husayn ibn Ali  being the scion of divine last holy messenger could not endure a person who was representing the caliphate after Prophet Muhammad can do such illegal acts. Yazid I sent proposal to Husayn ibn Ali via Governor of Medina Walib Bin Utba. Husayn ibn Ali was sustaining in Medina those days. Yazid I whose father Muawiya I has died sought the oath of allegiance from the legal heir of  Divine throne so that he could take the incumbent. As per the agreement of Muawiya and Hassan Mujtaba It was illegal for Yazeed to take the throne, where Prophet used to sit once. On other hand, same time the people of Kufa, came to know the death of Muawiya and praised, thanked God for his death. They had been under opression by Ummayads, they wrote an open invitation to Prophet Muhammad's grandson Husayn ibn Ali. Seeking his utterly divine leadership which could free them from injustice and oppression by fighting with Ummayyads Army. Husayn ibn Ali sent his representative namely Muslim to Kufa so that he could inform and confirm the actual invitation of people and their will to lay down their lives against the evil kingdom representing the divine throne of Prophet Muhammad. As Yazid I came to know the arrival of Muslim he recruited Ubaydullah Ibn Ziyad who behaved harshly with the people and all of them so called the friends of Husayn ibn Ali. were afraid of consequences that may rise if taking support of Husayn ibn Ali. People changed their face and Husayn ibn Ali, reached Karbala. He camped there and was ordered rather to surrender or loose head. Husayn ibn Ali was there with his companions and divine households. When Husayn ibn Ali refused to take oath of allegiance to Yazid I, he was challenged to Fight instead. Husayn ibn Ali with less than a 100 army personnel and Yazid with thousands surrounded the Divine Personality. Husayn ibn Ali who has been banned to take a single drop of water from river euphrates after his refusal was thirsty with his six month old son Ali Asghar.Later Husayn ibn Ali asked for extension during the night of Muharram 9. And worshiped before Allah the whole night, the night was followed by ASHURA the day of mourning and success.
The less number of people who supported Husayn ibn Ali were all martyred and that is why Shia population nowadays is also less than opposite sect as they were persecuted by Ummayads during and before the Battle of Karbala. The Number of Sunni population is eight times more than shia because the oppressing government supported  it officially. 
Husayn ibn Ali who did not gave his hand to Yazid I instead he was beheaded on the day of Ashura to protect the Islam from get vandalized in the hands of cruel person like Muawiya and Yazid. This is nicely quoted by great Saint 'Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti'
شاه است حسین و پادشاه است حسین"
   دین است حسین و دین پناه است حسین 
سر داد نداد دست در دست یزید 
               "حقا که بنای لا اله است حسین

This literally mean
                             "King Is Husayn ; Emperor is Husayn
                              Religion is Husayn ; Refuge of Religion is Husayn
                              Gave his head not his hand
                             The foundation of La il ha is Husayn"

  Situation Nowadays

  Situation is even worst nowadays, as Shia community who sustained the oppression and persecution of cruel rulers proliferated on a large scale but not more than those who followed the Muawiya I and Yazeed I after the martyrdom of Imam Ali . From the early 18th century C.E. Shias are called 'infidels' by wahhabi takfiris. Wahhabi interpret the whole islam in their own realization.Shia Muslims are not even being alowed to practice their religion in Saudi Arabia where Wahhabism is Official Religion. Wahhabis claim that they are best pupils and sterling followers of Islam but they lack the basic concepts of Islam. As per them a person who is not convinced or has failed to become a muslim is not having any right to live, while in Holy Quran Allah impresses to world that I made only those people forbidden for you who wage a war on you only on account of your religion (60:8 Holy Quran) But when the day will come wahhabis will understand the reality of Quran and conceptions of Islam. 
If we will take a look on Iraq thousands of Muslims are slaughtered and decapitated under the banner of "La ila ha ilala", these kind of brutal acts are solely backed by wahhabi saudi state of Arab and Qatar. These wahhabi men are not aware when on the times of Prophet whose followers they claim to be used to distribute his morsel to infidels before he took even a cluster of it. And Before Iran blame on United States for backing world terrorism he should not forget that on the time of Battle of Karbala there was no role played by the west.
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